Speech at UMYOS symposium to present skillman.eu for ‘The Role of Vocational Schools in Regional Development’

Four hundred participants from 15 countries joined the 4th International UMYOS – Vocational Schools Symposium organized by Yalova Vocational School, under the umbrella of University of Yalova, in May 21st, 22nd and 23rd 2015, at RİZOM Resort in Yalova City, TURKEY.

UMYOS’15 purpose was to join academic and industrial sector knowledge to identify benefits for schools, young people and the society.

Giovanni Crisonà presentation slides


1- The Importance of Vocational Education and Turkey’s Current Situation
2- Sector’s Perspective on Vocational Education and Cooperation between Sector and Vocational Schools
3- Opportunities and Threats Encountered in Vocational Education
4- The Relation among Vocational Education, Employment and Sector
5- Vocational Education in Instructor, Student and Sector Triangle
6- The Problems of Vocational School in Today’s World and Possible Solutions
7- Educational Technologies in Vocational Education
8- Creative Educational Techniques and Methods
9- Graduates and Job Opportunities
10- Bologna Process
11- International Cooperation
12- Graduates’ Employment
13- Academic Studies in Applied Sciences
14- Other ( Studies in all fields in Vocational Schools e.g. Health, Social, Technical)


Honor Committee
Prof. Dr. M. Niyazi ERUSLU Yalova University Rector
Prof. Dr. Refik ALAN Director of Yalova Vocational School
Selim CEBİROĞLU Governor of Yalova
Vefa SALMAN Mayor of Yalova
Organizing Committee
Prof. Dr. Recep Hayri EREN Chairman
Lect. Tuğrul AKTAŞ Coordinator
Lec. Özgür Doğan GÜRCÜ Coordinator
Lec.Cpt. Hakan KAHRAMANER Internatıonal Coordinator
Asst. Prof. Dr. Duygu TALİH AKKAYA
Lec. Semih ARICI
Lec. Mehmet EKİCİ
Lec. Yasin ÖZASLAN
Lec. Mehmet ÖZKAN
Asst. Prof. Dr. Gül YÜCEL
Asst. Prof. Dr. Bora AÇAN


About the Author: Giovanni Crisonà

Giovanni Crisonà started his career in 1986 and has been Provincial Trade Union representative in Italian State Police force for five years. With a degree of Technical Director in industrial engineering and a Master’s in education at Florence University, he started as a trainer and consultant in VET in 1995 and currently is the President of Centro Studi "Cultura Sviluppo", the research and training provider institute based in Tuscany and in charge to represent the European Forum for Vocational Education and Training in Italy.

As a LLL expert, he has been an EU Parliament Agora forum member, contributing directly to EU vision building process in VET and has collected hundreds of missions in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Cyprus, Comoros, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mongolia, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and United Kingdom working in international projects as a leader or a team member.

He has developed and introduced new learning methods and education practices for unemployed, disadvantaged, youngsters and adults, designing and organizing trainings, trainings for trainers and assessments in many fields like health and safety at work and Quality Management for public and private small and large organizations and introducing, from 1996, ICT resources in education with the production and implementation of multimedia learning materials and blended e-learning solutions in support to the on site learning.

In Italian and English language he has designed and produced several learning materials also to apply ISO standards and Quality Management principles in VET sector and in this field he is also a certified Skill Assessor recognized by Tuscany Region VET Authority.

In the last years, also as a leader of the europemobility.eu project, he is as well deeply involved in developing mobility for learning.

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