Register to the webinar on Med-mobility: Cross-border mobility and a challenge for the labour market

Medmobility: A webinar for mobility operators in France and Italy

INTERREG IT-FR MARITIME cross-border cooperation program and Medmobility project:

Opportunities of the Interreg IT-FR Maritime program

Gaëlle Barre, Coordinator of the Joint Secretariat INTERREG Italy-France Maritime Cross-border Cooperation Program
Presentation of the Medmobility project and its challenges

Fabio Croci, IRIS srl

The preliminary analysis report: needs and priority sectors in Sardinia, Tuscany and the Provence Alpes Côte d´Azur region

Andrea Del Bono, IRIS SRL

Mobility networks, tools and experiences:

The network of mobility actors in PACA - A territory organized in a network to facilitate mobility


a) Presentation of the Regional Committee for International Mobility

Magali Guiral, SOUTH Region

b) Presentation of the Coordination of International Mobility actors

Marion Thouverez, CAMI

Presentation of the FAJE system: an operational example of collaboration

Isabelle Mars, SOUTH region

The support and facilitation actions of the CCIFM for mobility in the Southern Region

Antonella Donadio, CCIFM

The impact of COVID-19: new ways of working, new models of mobility

Giovanni Crisonà, CSCS


Cross-border mobility as part of active employment policies: strategies and levers for action:

Presentation of ASPAL, Public Employment Service in Sardinia

Emanuela Atzori

Presentation of Pôle Emploi, Public Employment Service in France (range of services, EURES, etc.)

Nicolas Simon and Noelle Versaveau Gautier


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