Talk with the Minister for Labour @ the EU 2030 High-Tech Skills Vision

The Minister for Labour, Employment and Social Economy of Luxembourg discussed his view at the workshop on the EU 2030 High-Tech Skills Vision where Mr Crisonà presented position to a highly specialised audience of experts from academy, industry and social parts.

The occasion for the very relevant debate was given by the European Commission, with the support of PWC, the 19th of September 2018 in Brussels, to outlines the core aspects of the EU 2030 High-Tech Skills Vision for achieving Smart Industrial Specialisation and Digital Transformation.

During his wide speech, the Minister Mr. Nicolas Schmit pointed out various aspects and the relevance and need of highly pro-active skills policies. In nowadays trainings, he said, it is more and more important in order to ensure the competitiveness of the companies and the social security and satisfaction of the workforce. It is a political challenge to organise the skill needs anticipation, as well as the shortage of the training provision in all Europe. TVET sector is therefore engaged to provide solutions and best practices in all levels of educations.

The position, remarked Mr Crisonà during the presentation of the Skillman model, strongly supports this point and envisages furthering promotion of new bridges between TVET sector and industries, as well as with the concrete involvement of the social parts, in order to give a very high attention to the ‘long-term ethical values’ that the Skillman network really considers a core component for the implementation of the Smart Industrial Specialisation and the Digital Transformation.

Here following, the presentation slides:


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