Giovanni Crisonà, President at cscs, signed a cooperation protocol with the municipality of Santander under the EM IX project

The bilateral agreement between the municipality of Santander and CSCS lead by Giovanni Crisonà has been signed under the framework partnership agreement (2017-2021) provided for the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme.

The agreement sets a number of goals for the Santander City Council concerning the exchange between Spanish and European entrepreneurs. Municipality indeed will support the business exchanges through its “self-employee” service.

The overall partnership, coordinated by CSCS, envisages to carry out a total of 380 business exchanges in a period of 24 months.
This volume of exchanges will allow 200 young entrepreneurs from the partner countries to run an internship abroad for a period ranging from a minimum of one month to a maximum of six months. The purpose is to acquire entrepreneurial and management skills by collaborating with an experienced host entrepreneur.

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