On 8 July 2022, ASPAL – the Sardinian Agency for Active Labor Policies – partner of the M.A.R.E project funded by the Italy – France Maritime Cooperation Program 2014-2020, will host the final event of the project, which delves into training for development and nautical employment. The organizers invited Giovanni Crisonà, leader of the Skillman network to give a speech, together with Filippo Del Ninno, Human Capital Development Specialist at ETF.

The two speakers will present the Skillman Global CoVEs.eu (Centres of Vocational Excellence), an environment in which members jointly apply the SDGs’ concepts to excellence in vocational education and training looking to an inclusive approach to excellence in TVET.

The model for Centres of Vocational Excellence circulating among the Skillman members includes the idea of sharing sustainability and ethical values across countries. This idea, to be implemented, requires a comprehensive mix of complementary participating organizations that represent TVET and also industry leaders, and many other stakeholders acting, at the local communities level, as local skills ecosystems.

The Skillman COVEs aims to foster strong transnational multi-stakeholder collaboration with the belief that the “excellence” in TVET is a result of a joint strategy to strengthen either vocation and/or interdependence among stakeholders, to share a strong ethical commitment; to deploy an effective skills foresight exercise; to valorize of the existing experiences; to assess excellence in TVET with a systematic approach; and to establish connections with existing tools.

Such an inclusive approach to excellence in TVET, aimed at advancing the implementation of the SDGs, sees a compelling mandate in supporting international cooperation between TVET providers.

In order to create local skills ecosystems that also impact on the recognition of qualifications, Giovanni Crisonà and Filippo Del Ninno see the need to adopt a tailored approach to learning to individualise and personalise learning and training opportunities with a particular focus on micro-credentials and a shift from paper-based certificates to digitally-signed credentials.

This innovative approach will be deeply discussed during the M.A.R.E event on July 8, and will seek broader and broader participation from the stakeholders at all levels.

More info about the event here: https://interreg-maritime.eu/web/m.a.r.e/-/scambio-fra-operatori-dei-cpi-ed-evento-conclusivo-regionale-in-sardegna

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